About Us

P&P is dedicated to providing fully customized medical and pharmaceutical device trials based on your needs and schedules. Our services incorporate quality assurance, FDA audit preparation, project management, and GCP training and monitoring. We stay on top of ever-changing regulatory requirements to ensure compliance so that your trial stays on track.

With over 25 years of combined experience and leadership in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, P&P Research Associates focuses on transparency and proactive risk management. We provide comprehensive data reviews from the project start to finish.

P&P Research Associates know that you want a CRO that stays up-to-date with the latest regulations and ICH GCP’s. That's why P&P personally screens every member of our team for their expertise and ability to provide quality assurance and continual monitoring and management of your pharmaceutical and medical device trials.

We provide a full range of transparent CRO solutions whether you need short-term, long-term, or even flexible models, essential for today's healthcare environment where R&D costs, constant regulatory modifications, and cost efficiency is challenging.

For studious and individualized attention to every study to ensure success, contact P&P Research Associates, LLC. Adapting to changes or requests is facilitated with a simple phone call. 

No red tape. No management layers.

Susan Perdomo RN, BSN, MSHS, CQA-ASQ (President/Co-founder)

Ms. Perdomo graduated from the University of Tampa with her Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing. During her nine-year nursing career, Ms. Perdomo held critical care positions with specialties in neurology, cardiovascular, heart transplant and correctional nursing. Ms. Perdomo was an inpatient critical care study coordinator for approximately two years, which paved the way for her to become a Clinical Research Associate in 2004. She went on to earn her MSHS in Clinical Research Administration from the George Washington University in 2010.

Kamerin Cook RN, BSN, CCRA, RQAP-GCP (CEO/Co-founder)

Ms. Cook graduated from the University of Rochester, NY with her Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing and practiced as a critical care nurse for nine years. Ms. Cook was a Travel Nurse for several of those years with specialties in neurology, cardiovascular surgical, heart/lung transplant, and trauma, until accepting a permanent position at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL in the cardiothoracic unit. Ms. Cook entered the industry as a Clinical Research Coordinator for inpatient critical care trials at the University of Miami and then transitioned to the role of Clinical Research Associate in 2005.